The Power of the 3 P's

While I was away in Toronto for my award and Professional Development days, I had the opportunity to spend one of those days at Samsung headquarters. The "techno dude" in me was geeking out for sure! :)

What I learned while there was how innovation arose from the power of the "3 P" words - purpose, people and passion, and how these three simple words drove that company at all levels. They even had it written like a formula: Innovation= purpose + people + passion. It then occurred to me how this resonates so well with what we do in an integrated Fine Arts program.

Who would have thought that a tech giant like Samsung would provide clarity on fine arts in our little school?!? The connections are so relevant, as innovation and creativity are what drives St. Dominic Fine Arts School. Lets' take a few moments to see how these 3 P's define us.

If we look at our purpose, we are always seeking to find new, creative ways to integrate the fine arts into all subject areas. We have become intentional with making this purpose live within the walls of our building and provide unique fine arts opportunities for our students to connect to their learning in engaging ways.

The people of the building are dedicated to breathing life into our purpose with staff, students and parents working in harmony to attain this means to an end. Innovation, through the fine arts, resides in the people of our building, providing our students with unique opportunities to explore their learning in new mediums.

Finally, the passion of the people in our school fuels the creativity that fine arts brings. It is in following our passions that we find new ways of engaging in our learning, which ties back into the purpose of our school, in which fine arts integration provides that outlet.

On April 14th at 6:30 pm, we will have a chance to see the 3 P's come to life in another way, as our students will be performing dance routines at the University of Calgary Theatre after our dance residency with One Circle. We will also be displaying photography at our "Bust A Move" Showcase Night, which will feature each child in a dance pose. There will be more details, as well as tickets coming out about this new endeavour real soon.

As you can see, the "power of the 3 P's" are alive and well in St. Dominic's school community, so let's  take a page from Samsung's book and continue to combine purpose, people and passion to drive our students' innovation and creativity.

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